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  • Purple River Healing

    Reiki, Spiritual, Crystal, Energy Healing to help you with anything in mind, body and spirit. A relaxing place to soothe those aches and pains and feel refreshed.

  • Abigail Rose Design & Illustration

    Abigail Rose – Design & Illustration. Online shop of digital illustration prints including local scenery, landmarks, and interesting buildings. As well as custom illustrations for homes, wedding venues, and vehicles. All designs are handmade and printed in North Yorkshire.

  • Trail Explorers

    We don’t just want to be another shop we want to be different and to do that we need to support you more, so why not come down and see just how much different we are. We understand that you need space to roam. When you buy a bike you can’t tell if it’s right Read more [...]

  • ABWD Art Studio

    Artist studio in Scarborough, specialising in oil painting, drawing and curios. Available for commissions, please get in touch for a free consultation. We also have artwork available to buy straight from the artist, this can be seen in the studio or on our website.


It’s time to take back Yorkshire high streets and make them into the friendly, varied and community-orientated places they once were. Do you agree?

It benefits everyone when shops on local street corners get a boost. There are many advantages to having them around. That’s why Yorkshire in Business has spearheaded this far-reaching initiative.

Yorkshire in Business is the first not for profit enterprise agency in the country. It’s working with a variety of businesses to develop the products and services they offer, to make them even more attractive to their customers. This includes a programme of regularly updated joint shopping campaigns – with discounts and offers for local residents.

This gives you EVEN MORE reasons to shop locally!

Putting the heart back into communities

Local shops were once – and can still be – the heart of the local community; a social and warm place to visit, and maybe to linger for a while.

Staff in local speciality or general stores will be more likely to go that extra mile for customers, especially as this business is probably their passion, as well as their livelihood. In fact, local shops are full of local character, in more ways than one!

They are far more likely to stock quirky and novel gifts, household items and foodstuffs because they are not restricted to homogeneous supply chains.

Many local shops have short-term or on-street parking nearby. But one of the benefits of supporting local businesses is that you can possibly take a leisurely stroll from your home and browse in a local shop within minutes. It beats the trolley and car park rage at an out-of-town retailer any day!

Local shops for fresh produce and valuable help

There are many more advantages to buying locally which go beyond saving a few pennies. For example, local shops often stock goods that have only travelled a short distance from Yorkshire farms and producers. It means that “fresh” really does mean fresh in many local shops.

Local retailers are great for urgent or forgotten items from your shopping list. However, why not take time to explore them for a wider range of products?

For example, buying from a knowledgeable local greengrocer or butcher can open up lots of great new recipe ideas. It will also ensure that you get the exact quantity and quality you need, potentially saving you money and avoiding waste.

You can trust local shops to have your best interests at heart, too, as their livelihood depends on your loyalty. The advice and welcome they provide will be genuine.

Healthy high streets mean better house prices

Supporting local business, in general, creates a more vibrant and healthy community for you to live in. Who wouldn’t want that? But what’s more, a strong local economy boosts house prices.

If you strip away local businesses, much of the character of a place can wither, making it a less attractive place to live and work. So clearly, having great local shops benefits residents. But it also brings visitors to the area, and their spending has the potential to further boost and support your local high street. Love Local Yorkshire Coast isn’t just about high street shops, our aim is to also include trade service such as plumbers and joiners, and also business services such as website designers and other suppliers.

All adding up to strong reasons to support Love Local Yorkshire Coast!

Use this site to track down a local business you can fall in love with. Or, take a walk around your local community and browse the range. Happy shopping!

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